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When Spiderman Needed a Superhero, He Called ALT Systems

As a long-time ALT Systems customer, Sony Interactive Entertainment asked ALT Systems to supercharge its in-house editorial workflow. ALT Systems recommended OpenDrives storage and CatDV media asset management.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, but when they needed new editorial storage, they didn’t want to play games.

In addition to groundbreaking PlayStation® platform, Sony also produces the acclaimed Spiderman game, which has been called called one of the best superhero games ever published.

Promoting Sony’s digital entertainment lineup falls to an in-house marketing team which records and edits tens of thousands of hours of game play and trade show events video every year. Keeping all that media available and organized was becoming a business problem. That’s when ALT Systems was asked to come to the rescue.

ALT Systems Vice President Brian Botel recommended a Proof of Concept editorial storage test based on OpenDrives Apex, an ultra high-speed storage system that integrates seamlessly with Adobe Premiere and After Effects workflows. The Proof of Concept was such a huge success, Sony put the system into service immediately.

SIE’s production environment also includes an ALT Systems-provided CatDV Media Asset Management system, AWS Elemental transcoders, and a StrongLink storage virtualization system.

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“ALT Systems proposed the OpenDrives Apex system, Arista 100 Gigabit per second Ethernet switching, and CatDV media asset management.

With an OpenDrives Apex 138TB head node, and a 138TB expansion node, Sony got an incredibly fast storage system that exceeded expectations of creative staff.”

Sig Knapstad

ALT Systems Chief Technical Officer

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