Build Your Dream Atmos Studio

ALT Systems designs and integrates Atmos immersive audio systems.

Featuring: Dolby Atmos™  technology, Avid S-Series consoles, Genelec smart monitors, Soundz Fishy custom furniture, and NTP converters, routers and monitoring systems.

ALT Systems represents best in breed Atmos solutions covering the entire media lifecycle. From concept to completion, our collaborative approach solves customer problems by being 100% committed to your success.

  • Audio for Music & Post
  • Custom Mixing Consoles
  • Editing & Finishing
  • Color-Accurate Streaming
  • Asset Management
  • Custom Workstation Builds

Post-production teams worldwide using Avid tools are outpacing their competition thanks to exciting innovations that are changing the ways they create, store, and collaborate on content.

Join Avid and ALT Systems at The Sidney Poitier New American Film School at ASU’s Media and Immersive eXperience (MIX Center) for the World Vision Tour to see how these advancements boost productivity and open up new creative capabilities—no matter if you currently work in audio or video post or are just getting started.

  • View demonstrations of the latest Avid audio, video, and storage solutions
  • Discover what’s possible with remote editing, immersive audio, and more
  • Go hands-on and try the latest tools and solutions for yourself
  • Speak with Avid experts about how you can accelerate your workflow

Plus, get inspired with a presentation from our special keynote speakers.

Friday, March 17, 2023
10:00 am–4:00 pm MST

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Dare to dream. We’ll make your dream a reality.
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