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ALT Systems and Turning Point partnered together to expand broadcast and online distribution by scaling editorial storage capacity.

A 15-year technology partnership helps Turning Point streamline its editorial workflow while creating more content.

More than a decade ago, Turning Point Ministries chose ALT Systems to help build a state of the art facility with more than a dozen audio, video and VFX suites. The relationship has been ongoing ever since.

ALT Systems originally specified and deployed SAN storage for collaboration, a production switch architecture, and an archive & disaster recovery strategy.

Since that time, ALT Systems has been involved in regular facility upgrades and front-line support.

Recently, Turning Point worked with ALT Systems to replace the original SAN system with a larger, more scalable solution. The end result: more capacity, reduced maintenance costs, and a renewed focus on Turning Point’s core mission to communicate with the faithful using digital media.
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“With our previous SAN, when data was needed between functional teams, media had to be copied from one storage pool to another.

This was a really time-consuming and arduous process that wasted dozens of man-hours every week.”

Greg Praniewicz

Turning Point Chief Engineer