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Enabling the Enriched World of Living Data

Quantum is one of the world’s top storage manufacturers – uniquely equipped to orchestrate, protect, and enrich data across its lifecycle, providing enhanced intelligence and actionable insights.

ALT Systems is a Quantum media systems integration partner.


Now part of the Quantum family, CatDV has powerful Artificial Intelligence tools to help manage your media.

Quantum believes it’s time to shift the focus from accumulating data to making it work much harder… enabling a world where data is alive.

ALT Systems is expertly trained to deliver and support the full line of Quantum storage products:

  • CatDV – A powerful media asset management solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.
  • StorNext File System –  StorNext delivers the necessary performance to get your business moving forward.
  • H4000 Series – Our newest line of high-performance storage appliances for hosting the StorNext 7 File System.
  • H2000 Series SSD/HDD Storage Arrays – High-performance block storage arrays for high-throughput, low-latency workloads.
  • F-Series NVMe Storage Servers – Ultra-fast NVMe storage servers for editing, rendering, and processing of video content.
  • Xcellis® Appliances – Dedicated storage appliances, including metadata controller appliances and gateway appliances.
  • QXS™-Series SSD/HDD Storage Arrays – High-performance block storage arrays for use with the StorNext File System.
Product Spotlight:

Media Asset Management with Quantum’s CatDV

CatDV is an agile asset management and workflow orchestration platform that provides powerful asset management, automation, and collaboration tools for any organization that manages large volumes of digital media. The platform delivers a wide variety of media-centric capabilities, including traditional PAM, MAM, and DAM, sophisticated workflow automation, and fully customized applications.

ALT Systems has successfully deployed almost 100 CatDV MAM solutions for some of the biggest brands in media.

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A powerful media asset management solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

With almost 100 CatDV projects completed so far, ALT Systems has deployed CatDV with traditional SAN and NAS storage, nearline and LTO archive systems, and cloud storage.

Unlike many other Media Asset Management systems, CatDV can start small and grow seamlessly: from small onsite teams of editors and producers, to hundreds of CatDV users across the enterprise and around the world. With its scalable and modular architecture, the CatDV product family has an offering that’s right for every user:

  • CatDV Desktop Clients – provide a rich, fully functional media management interface, media ingest, playback and logging, nonlinear editor integration, systems administration, and configuration.
  • CatDV Server – acts as the central clip and metadata repository, supports search across the database, enables collaboration between teams, and applies security and production groups permissions.
  • Worker Node – is the CatDV automation engine. It can watch folders for new or changed media, perform ingest, import and export, xml publication, relocation, proxy generation, transcodes and file delivery. Part of its power comes from “server queries” (changes in the CatDV data) meaning complex workflows can be run from the CatDV clients or file system.
  • CatDV Web Clients – CatDV Standard and Advanced browser clients provide remote access to the CatDV server from a web browser.
  • CatDV Web Services, ‘Panel’ & Custom clients – use the CatDV REST and Javascript APIs to provide new user interfaces to CatDV plus to provide a further integration point for third party hardware, software, and services. Panels for Adobe creative tools and Tricaster further extend CatDV’s reach.

Quantum StorNext® 7 delivers full data lifecycle management from data creation to the end

As data moves across storage media, from NVMe or SSD to HDD, tape, or cloud, StorNext provides continuous access.

For performance-sensitive applications, StorNext leverages iSER/RDMA or IB direct to storage connections for up to 23 GB/s single stream throughput. The storage media can be NVMe or SSD Flash for sub-millisecond latency. Thousands of parallel streams are supported to maximize data ingest and streaming. Once data no longer has performance demands, it is automatically, per policy, placed on lower-cost storage.

If data requires preservation over time, it can be copied or moved to Quantum LTO supported tape libraries, ActiveScale™ object store on premise, or S3 in the public cloud. Data placed in object storage or S3 in the cloud is self-describing with vast benefits: leverage applications in analytics directly against data in the cloud, facilitate collaboration across departments or organizations, and protect data assets from infrastructure obsolescence or vendor lock-in

Virtualized. Containerized. Cloud-Ready. Easy to Deploy and Use in More Places Than Ever.

Improve Productivity and Time to Value with a Simplified StorNext User Experience.

The Quantum H4000 Series is a line of high-performance storage appliances for hosting the StorNext® 7 File System. The H4000 Series takes advantage of the latest StorNext 7 software-defined architecture, which dramatically simplifies the StorNext user experience and enables easier and more flexible deployment options.

In this new software-defined architecture, StorNext 7 file services, data services, and block services run virtually on a single platform. StorNext 7 has been virtualized, and significant architectural components such as the management layer and APIs have been containerized in a Docker environment.

High-performance block storage for high-throughput, low-latency workloads.

Improve Performance with a Highly Available, Flexible Design

The Quantum H2000 Series is a line of high-performance block storage arrays used for scaling up the StorNext® File System capacity and for other high-throughput, low-latency workloads. The H2000 Series is available in two server form factors, a 2U12 and 2U24, that support different types of SSD and HDD storage, and the H2000 Series can be scaled up using optional JBODs.

The H2000 Series 2U24 model comes with SSD or 10K RPM HDDs, for latency-sensitive workloads, while the 2U12 model supports NL-SAS HDDs and is ideal for sequential streaming workloads and lower-cost storage options.

Every H2000 model has a dual controller hardware architecture using high-performance multi-core AMD CPUs and offers flexible networking options that include 100 GbE, 25 GbE, and 32 Gb Fibre Channel.

Cutting Edge Hardware Delivers Best Performance and Value

The Quantum H2000 Series uses the latest hardware to deliver the best performance at the best value, including PCIe 4.0, end-to-end 12G SAS connectivity, and DRAM write caching to deliver the best performance for high throughput low latency workloads, and the best value.

Intuitive User Interface for the Best User Experience

The H2000 Series is ideally suited for adding capacity to a StorNext File System environment, and in that use case StorNext 7 users can configure, monitor, and manage H2000 arrays directly from the StorNext 7 user interface.

For customers that deploy the H2000 Series as a block device in older StorNext File System environments, or as a standalone block storage device, the H2000 Series provides an intuitive, simple user interface that makes it easy to configure volumes, monitor system health and system performance.

Ultra-fast NVMe storage servers for editing, rendering, and processing of video content and other large unstructured data sets.

Increase Productivity while Reducing Infrastructure Costs.

Major studios, corporations, research institutions and government agencies use the Quantum F-Series to accelerate the capture, edit, and finishing of high-definition content, speed VFX and CGI render performance by 10x-100x, and develop cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality.

NVMe is enabling these customers to process higher-resolution content that drives higher data rates, and provide massive parallel performance for large render farms, while reducing both storage and network infrastructure costs and complexity.

Get the most out of your StorNext environment with purpose-built metadata controller and gateway appliances.

Maximize Your Productivity.

The StorNext® File System can be configured and deployed as software, or on tested and pre-configured appliances from Quantum, referred to as Xcellis® storage appliances. StorNext Xcellis appliances enable high-speed shared access to your files, and are available in a variety of configurations, both for hosting the StorNext Metadata Controller (“MDC”) software, and for scaling out client connection support and bandwidth for primary and secondary storage data placement.

Quantum Xcellis appliances are the easiest way to purchase and deploy the StorNext file system, and are purpose built for the task. Get the most out of your investment, get the best performance, and the best overall customer experience when you deploy StorNext file system software on an Xcellis appliance from Quantum

High-performance, reliable storage arrays designed to cost-effectively accelerate video workflows.

Quantum QXS: Exceed Requirements, Stay Within Budget.

Architecting a storage infrastructure that supports increasing volumes of data and accessibility requirements, and doing so within budget, can be challenging. By offering higher levels of configurability than competitive storage arrays, and with the ability to create a storage environment that precisely supports individual workflow requirements, QXS™ storage arrays provide an optimal foundation on which to base your business operations.

StorNext Q-Series appliances are a scalable disk-based storage system with integrated archiving and tiering capabilities, StorNext provides users with a cost-effective solution to archive and protect their data, while still ensuring access when they need it. Available in four different models, the StorNext Q-Series is designed to deliver a blend of performance, scalability, and density. It easily handles bandwidth-intensive Big Data applications that require the highest levels of availability, reliability and security. With StorNext solutions for Big Data, your workflow immediately benefits from purpose-built storage optimized for organizations with high-performance and high-capacity primary disk needs.