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Powering the Most Demanding Workflows

OpenDrives storage solutions support creative teams wherever they work:
on-premise or remote.

ALT Systems is an OpenDrives media systems integration partner.

OpenDrives: Ultra-fast. Hyper-scalable. Incredibly flexible.

OpenDrives offers two levels of media storage scalability: the all new Hyperscale line that’s perfect for Hollywood’s most intensive read/write requirements, and the reliable Scale-Up line that offers flexibility and value.

OpenDrives Ultra Storage:

With OpenDrives Ultra storage solutions, you can grow and scale performance, capacity, or concurrency depending on your business needs:

  • Ultimate – The highest-performance hyperscale storage for the most extreme performance and throughput. When performance is everything, Ultimate puts you on the leading edge of ultra-fast, ultra-flexible storage.
  • Optimum – OpenDrives’ workhorse hyperscale solution that balances ultra-high performance and storage capacity flexibility. The Optimum can support both all-flash NVMe and SAS HDD storage modules.
  • Momentum – An all-HDD hyperscale solution that couples performance with cost efficiency. Momentum is a solid contender for write-intensive workflows where performance and flexibility are required – without breaking the bank.

OpenDrives Scale Up Storage:

Scale-Up solutions offer a choice of all-flash, hybrid flash, or all-HDD models so you can select what works best for your operation:

  • Apex – The most powerful all-flash network attached storage array for high-resolution image workflows.
  • Summit – A versatile yet powerful hybrid flash (SSD/HDD) storage array for multiple, concurrent workflows.
  • Ridgeview -High-density all HDD storage array for nearline active archive.
Product Spotlight:

Atlas Centralized Storage Management

OpenDrives’ Atlas software platform provides features that put the focus on performance, resilience, and data integrity.

Atlas combines incredible ease of use with a single pane of glass for centralized management of your storage infrastructure, no matter how modularized and distributed.

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