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ALT Systems designed and deployed an asset management environment for the University of California’s innovative Scout online learning program.

Reimagining Scout: the University of California’s innovative online learning environment.

The University of California Scout online learning program produces virtual classes for middle and high school students. Course materials rely heavily on video and audio content that is designed to spark curiosity and prepare students for a world where job skill training is mobile, asynchronous, and self-directed.

After creating thousands of videos for 65 online courses, UCSC Silicon Valley realized their media server was quickly approaching capacity. The university needed to archive data from completed projects to make room for new ones. UCSC also wanted to maximize value of the university’s on-premise storage while simultaneously adopting cloud-based archiving.

UCSC saw a unique opportunity to architect a modern content creation process without the assumptions and requirements of a legacy production system. The video production teams couldn’t wait until all the pieces were in place before they started, so they worked off a NAS and cloud backup from the university IT department’s supplier. Neither IT solution worked well.

To help design a more efficient workflow, UCSC turned to ALT Systems. As one of the country’s top media systems integrators with a specialty in storage and asset management solutions, ALT Systems recommended replacing UCSC’s existing storage with a Facilis TerraBlock 128TB storage solution. Built specifically for editing high-definition video, the Facilis media server allows the three teams of editors, producers, graphic designers and animation artists — a total of 22 creative professionals — to share files and collaborate effectively.

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“We had all these editors working off a traditional file server. It was an unreliable and inefficient. We specifically wanted something that would handle more kinds of media than a traditional DAM.

CatDV was a clear choice. It had the features we needed at the best price point. Other MAMs have more bells and whistles, but they cost 3-4 times more.”

Sara Brylowski

UCSC Digital Asset Manager