Spectra Logic Vail Media Workflows

Spectra Logic and ALT Systems Introduce:

Vail Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management Software

Spectra Logic Vail® is a breakthrough cloud data management software solution for the multi-cloud world. Vail unifies all of your data, allowing you to leverage on-prem applications and native cloud services, no matter where your data is created or stored.

Vail provides a user experience built on Amazon® Web Services (AWS®), meaning that users familiar with AWS will have an easy transition to Spectra’s Vail software. Vail’s multi-synchronization capability manages cloud and on-premises storage repositories so that customers can direct users to either type of storage based on that user’s locality and performance requirements, all under a single pane of glass management user interface (UI). Vail enables workflows that leverage the flexibility and agility of cloud services while keeping data locally when needed, allowing egress optimization for lowest cost and fastest access from available storage.

For datasets that are on-premises, Vail can synchronize them to public cloud storage enabling public cloud applications to leverage the same data as on-premises applications.

Leverage on-premises applications and cloud services
  • Integrate on-prem data with cloud services
  • Right-size your cloud storage footprint
  • Obtain serverless cloud-based management
  • Access public cloud agility for on-prem infrastructure
Move data between platforms and clouds managing egress costs
  • Easily move data to the cloud provider that meets your data needs
  • Avoid cloud lock-in – Cloud cost control
  • Optimize data egress for lowest cost and fastest access
  • Seamless support for On-Prem Glacier* storage
Unify and simplify storage across on-prem, multiple clouds, and storage platforms
  • On-prem and cloud storage integration across multiple clouds and sites
  • Single global namespace – across multi-cloud and mutli-site environments
  • Multi-directional data synchronization across clouds and on-prem
  • Configurable policy engine manages data across multiple clouds and sites
  • Data policy management accomplished at bucket level
Integrate public cloud services into your distributed workflow
  • Local storage and cloud service capability through seamless hybrid workflows
  • Data accessibility independent of data’s physical location
  • Secure, central repository for long-term preservation and disaster recovery
  • Asset placement where it is needed
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