Aerospace & Defense

Government Agencies

The ALT Systems team has engaged and worked with many of the top Aerospace and Defense manufacturers and several government agencies.  Customers work with us on High Performance Computing, AI, ML, Virtualization Solutions, Analytics, large High Performing storage clusters, Smart Factory solutions as part of their Digital Transformation, high speed Application Migration to the Cloud (including the Analytics around these migrations) , hardware (Server, Storage, Desktop, Network) upgrades, and secure Cyber solutions for large and small CONUS and OCONUS environments.

ALT Systems and its extensive relationships with our partners have consistently demonstrated the expertise in design and implementation of IT solutions to solve complex technical issues and to help meet Classified and Un-Classified program requirements. We have found solutions for obscure network interference issues on the shop floor, helped implement Digital Thread and Digital Twin, provided High Resolution Video solutions, helped lower costs by speeding up application migration to the Cloud, and more.

One such IT related project involved a large-scale deployment of a virtualized server and storage solution for backup and recovery. This was deployed into a classified site. Due to legal and customer mandates we can’t list the programs we have been engaged in, we work with several of the top Aerospace & Defense manufacturers, their sub-contractors, government programs and a growing list of government agencies.