Production Company This Is Just A Test Calls on Cutting Edge

TIJAT Continues Post Production Expansion

Los Angeles, CA, April 2016 — Cutting Edge Audio and Video Group, a leading creative media technology reseller and integrator, has been working closely with prolific LA production/post-production company This Is Just A Test (TIJAT) since their debut in 2014.

TIJAT works in TV, film and digital media with their main revenue driver being unscripted television. They are currently completing the “Missing Dial” series for National Geographic, set to debut in May and are also completing season 2 of the popular TLC series “I Am Jazz,” about a transgender teenager.

Phase one at TIJAT called for 15 Mac-based Avid edit systems with 64TB of nearline storage and 32TB of Avid ISIS | 5500 storage, which was followed in 2015 with 10 more edit stations and an additional 64TB of nearline capacity. Cutting Edge handled all equipment acquisition and the infrastructure integration.

Director of Technology Jack Castillo recalls visiting numerous facilities before launching TIJAT, “I found that many post facilities held onto a legacy workflow with outdated gear. It all felt very old fashioned with a standard cookie-cutter approach.”

Enter Cutting Edge integrator Zeke Margolis. Castillo continues, “When I said I wanted to do things in a different and exciting way, Zeke made that happen, as opposed to dictating what the standard workflow and gear should be. I said let’s give our staff the best technology today and look where the industry is going to be two, three, and five years from now. Let’s put ourselves in the best position to be able to grow with where the industry is going.”

TIJAT’s digital division is currently working on several projects with Red Bull and athlete Shaun White. Also in the works is a number of Animal Planet programs and several scripted TV series.

“We move quickly here,” Castillo continues, “And having a partner like Cutting Edge allows me to have a wacky idea Thursday night and we can be executing it Monday morning. I know that I can be the mad scientist and have that amazing support that will help me run crazy in the tech world. It gives me full confidence that Cutting Edge will continue to guide us with plenty of options.”

And what lies ahead for TIJAT? Castillo concludes, for the time being, “We just got back from South by Southwest. Of course, this year it’s all VR. We’re looking at what that’s going to do for our creative teams. We’re going to get some VR solutions in house and see what kind of content we can make with it.”

TIJAT partners with brands, publishers, agencies and networks to create content on virtually any scale for every screen. From television series, films, commercials, branded content, scripted and unscripted, TIJAT strives to be the most cost-effective premium content maker. Recent series include the critically acclaimed “I Am Jazz” and “Ice Lake Rebels”. Their award-winning feature documentary American Harmony was released theatrically and is being developed into a scripted TV series – in partnership with the Weinstein Company. The feature thriller “Dead Within” was recently released by Millennium Entertainment. Their work has received numerous awards and honors, including special recognition from the White House and United Nations for issues of awareness.

About Cutting Edge
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