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Active Archive Solutions for Storage & Disaster Recovery

XenData is a global provider of cutting edge data storage solutions optimized for creative video, medical imaging, video surveillance and businesses with high volumes of large files.

ALT Systems is a XenData media systems integration partner.

XenData offers Active Archive solutions based on LTO data tape, optical disc cartridges and hybrid cloud.

Active archives are a tier of storage that approaches the performance of high-speed editorial storage, but at a significantly lower cost per TB.

XenData provides three different active archive storage options:

  • LTO Archive – Linear Tape Optical storage offers a standard file system interface accessible via SMB, NFS or FTP, so you can read and write just like a local disk volume or network attached storage.
  • Optical Archive – Files are saved to Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) cartridges for secure, long-term retention of petabytes of secure storage.
  • Hybrid Cloud – XenData Cloud File Gateway (CFG) software creates a hybrid cloud Active Archive infrastructure as a gateway to cloud object storage, but with most frequently accessed data on a local disk volume.

XenData also offers cloud-based synchronization services that provide file sharing across multiple locations and create a global file system. This boosts the productivity of distributed teams by enabling them to seamlessly share and synchronize files across all locations.

Product Spotlight:

XenData S3 Interface for LTO Tape

XenData now offers an S3 interface for all LTO archive products, enabling the tape environment to be mapped or mounted as a drive.

Sold as a subscription, tape libraries appear like private clouds with remote access via HTTPS, as well as traditional on-premises means such as NFS and SMB.

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