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IP-Based Streaming Solutions Over Low Bandwidth Connections

Streambox delivers pixel perfect media everywhere. Now supporting Dolby Vision® & Dolby Atmos®.

ALT Systems is a Streambox media systems integration partner.

Streambox provides flexible and agile solutions that deliver the highest quality video over IP networks.

Streambox has optimized technology to pack HDR and 12 bit 4:4:4 RGB processing into pixels, and intelligent utilization of available network paths to achieve higher rates of transport and playback based on a leading edge Advanced Compression Technology Level 3/5 codec and state of the art Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol.

Streaming digital media with picture perfect pixels from anywhere with unlimited scalability at low costs is the Streambox vision. In today’s connected media world, Streambox technology innovations are there to serve a broad base of industries and customers worldwide.

Streambox solutions include:

  • Streambox Chroma – A no-compromise IP streaming solution for professional media, from SD to 4K with Dolby Vision® & Atmos®.
  • Software Virtual Encoder – The game-changing Spectra software suite that works with your applications and media sources.
  • Mobile Encoders – Including the Avenir and Veta series, featuring lightweight mobile broadcasting and live video encoder/decoder capability.
  • Decoders – Featuring the Halo, Chroma, and Node series. Halo is especially useful for remote review & approval workflows.
Product Spotlight:

High-Performance Streaming Virtual Encoder

Streambox has developed the first high performance virtual encoder for streaming applications. Spectra serves as a plug-in for a cloud-based virtual editor or color grading tools and provides cinematic quality video back to the operator.

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