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Extreme performance SAN, NAS, and Block storage

Scale Logic delivers ultra-high performance, scalable storage and networking solutions.

ALT Systems is a Scale Logic media systems integration partner.

Scale Logic is a global leader in advanced, future-resistant media workflow infrastructure.

With Scale Logic’s high-performance solutions for video data storage, archiving and retrieval across all aspects of media and entertainment workflows, your staff can spend more time perfecting content – and less time maintaining and scaling your business.

  • NX2 & ZX Storage – Extreme performance for Ethernet-based and media-rich workgroups that require scalability, reliability, and better TCO.
  • NVMe Storage – High-performance media production storage with consistent throughput up to 24GB/s and low latency—vastly accelerating existing applications, all at an affordable price point.
  • SAN Storage – RX Series is the industry’s fastest, most affordable block level, Fibre Channel or Ethernet-attached, high-availability SAN attached storage solution for uncompressed 4K/8K/12K video production workflows.
  • NAS Storage – With no iSCSI initiator required, the Scale Logic NAS frees you from block level access and having to support yet another third-party software and utility—while still enjoying extreme high performance.
  • Remote Access Portal (RAP) – VDI is a proven software-enabled VDI solution for remote editors and post-production professionals to seamlessly access systems and files from virtually anywhere, through any OS.
  • Media Browser (MAM-Lite) – A smart all-in-one media browser that includes a comprehensive file browser, media file conversion tool, and media player built into a single installer.

Scale Logic

Scale Logic’s new WorkflowConnect Business Intelligence tool is a highly sophisticated workflow analysis solution for post-production companies and teams.

WorkflowConnect provides a seamless, unified view of your entire storage environment combined with powerful data analytics.

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