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25 Years of Enterprise Data Storage Expertise

Infortrend is an enterprise data storage provider that has deployed more than 1,000,000 media storage systems worldwide.

ALT Systems is an Infortrend media systems integration partner.

Infortrend Media & Entertainment solutions are designed for demanding next generation media workloads.

Infortrend offers shared media storage and SAN & 3rd party file system integration, with multiple solutions made to fit infrastructures of any kind.

EonStor DS 3000 is a high availability enterprise SAN storage solution with a future-proof design. Modular hardware means redundancy and easy upgrades, while fast performance allows for speedy operations. For scalability, a range of expansion enclosures can host up to 448 drives capacity. Systems can be customized with variety of protocols, such as FC, iSCSI, SAS, InfiniBand and FCoE, for flexible hybrid interfaces.

Infortrend solutions are perfect for:

  • SAN & 3rd Party File System Integration – Infortrend’s SAN storage can be seamlessly integrated with Apple Xsan and Quantum StorNext.
  • Performance & Capacity-Hungry Applications – Certified to offer superior performance for intensive VFX and color & finishing workflows.
  • Mission-Critical Operations – High Availability architecture for zero-fail applications.


Infortrend is Now
Autodesk Flame Qualified

Infortrend EonStor DS 4024B has been certified to meet Autodesk’s stringent requirements for Flame VFX, and color & finishing applications.

The combination of Infortrend and Flame enables content creators to easily handle deadline-driven, read/write intensive tasks.

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