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Shared storage for collaborative media production

Facilis HUB servers allows complex, cross-OS network environments to collaborate across applications and file formats.

ALT Systems is a Facilis media systems integration partner.

Facilis shared storage combines ultra-fast performance with integrated media management.

Whether your job is 4K color grading, VFX compositing or HD craft editorial, working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, Apple FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, or Avid Pro Tools, Facilis HUB is a shared storage solution that provides the performance and collaboration so that you can create with confidence.

  • Facilis HUB – HUB is a software defined SAN perfect for 4K+ film and video color grading and conforming, as well as HD craft editorial work.
  • Facilis Web Console – Create and deploy storage volumes with the push of a button, then monitor real-time bandwidth usage and dynamically optimize server and client connections.
  • FastTracker Integrated Asset Management – The fastest way to index, tag, search and access your video, audio and still format media. FastTracker supports 1 Million+ asset records and is completely integrated with Facilis servers.
  • Managed Cloud and LTO Backup and Archive – Designed to complement the Facilis HUB shared storage server, Facilis Object Cloud is Facilis’ latest line of integrated backup and archive that helps Facilis customers build a tiered storage network at an affordable price.

Facilis HUB
FLASHPoint 24S

Facilis HUB FLASHPoint 24S is the most powerful Facilis server ever, with benchmark performance of more than 6GB/sec to shared file system workstations, and capable of more then 100 compressed 4K streams.

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