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IPTV Solutions for Broadcast & Media

Evertz designs and manufactures next generation high bandwidth, low latency IP network environments as well as signal routing, distribution, monitoring, and automation solutions for on premise and cloud applications.

ALT Systems is an Evertz media systems integration partner.

Evertz delivers complete end-to-end broadcast solutions for content creation, distribution and delivery.

Evertz is leading the IPTV revolution as a global manufacturer of broadcast equipment and solutions to deliver television, on-demand, IPTV, and mobile devices.

Evertz offers infrastructure solutions to fit all application needs. Evertz helps customers work both in and out of the cloud with ease, and ensures there is a solution to every problem, including:

  • Routers -Video & Audio Routers, Bypass & Autochangeover, Data/LTC/Tally Routers, Fiber/RF Routers, MAGNUM Unified Control Router Panels.
  • IP Solutions – IP Audio/Video Processing, IP Media Gateways, IP Switch Routing, IP Timing, Software Defined Network (SDN) Orchestration.
  • Contribution & Distribution – Contribution Encoders, Decoders, Receivers and Processing, Modulation solutions.
  • Control & Monitoring – Control Panels, MAGNUM Unified Control, VistaLINK Accessories, VistaLINK Network Management System.
  • Encoding, Transcoding & Multiplexing – ASI/IP Converter, Multiplexers, Scramblers, Modulators, Contribution Encoders/Decoders, Transport Stream Processing, Software Defined Accelerated Encoding/Transcoding/Muxing
Product Spotlight:

Evertz DreamCatcher

Evertz’s innovative DreamCatcherTM Bravo studio in the cloud enables staff to log in to remotely access feeds, produce live shows, isolate replays, edit highlight packages, and send produced content content distributions networks – all from the comfort of their own homes.

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