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50 Years of Audio Innovation

With a reputation for creating the world’s sweetest sounding and longest-lasting audio consoles, discerning artists choose Neve.

ALT Systems is an AMS Neve media systems integration partner.

Studios and post-production engineers trust AMS Neve to deliver world-class sound.

AMS Neve is a dedicated, engineering-led Company with a continuing mission to provide the best possible sound, capability and operational experience for the most creative people in the world – whether for film, recorded music, or TV and broadcast.

AMS Neve consoles include:

  • 8424 – A versatile console that majors on connectivity, giving users complete and fast control of their sessions without compromising on sound quality. Legendary 80-series Neve sound, 4 groups, 24 channel faders.
  • 88D – Using classic Neve transformer mic inputs and Gigabit-linked Super High Definition converters, the Neve 88D represents the pinnacle of digital console design and brings the legendary Neve Sound to contemporary music production without any compromise on power, control, flexibility or integration.
  • Genesys – Hand-built in Neve’s UK factory, Genesys combines superb analoge design and true Neve preamp circuitry with hands-on DAW control and connectivity for Avid Pro Tools.
Product Spotlight:

Digital Film/TV Console

Neve’s DFC PS-1 digital film/TV console is derived from the legendary DFC line, which dominates the world’s highest profile film studios, PS-1 is by far the most accomplished mid-range digital film and TV dubbing/post production console available today.

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