ALT Systems Offers Spectra Logic Vail

New Distributed Multi-Cloud Software Solution Streamlines Workflows, Preserves Content and Ensures Global Data Access — Wherever Content is Created or Stored.

ALT Systems today announced that it will add Spectra Vail®, a breakthrough distributed multi-cloud data management software, to its broad portfolio of offerings.

Vail’s unique “Single Pane of Glass” interface, rich policies, and standard APIs enable orchestration of collaborative workflows, and empowers users to work with any data, in any location, at any time, by combining the flexibility and agility of cloud services with the speed and performance of on-premises hybrid storage. Vail’s ability to optimize and synchronize across clouds and on-premises storage can minimize cloud egress fees while ensuring that critical media is available to creative teams when they need it.

“ALT Systems is excited to offer Spectra Vail to our customers,” said ALT Systems Chief Executive Officer Jon Guess. “The proliferation of public cloud services, object storage platforms, creative applications, and distributed workforces has created distinct challenges and opportunities in Hollywood. Vail addresses these challenges by providing global visibility and universal access to content across sites and clouds, and facilitates modern workflows that extend across regions and continents.”

“Spectra has partnered with ALT Systems to help content creators with their transformation to a multi-site and multi-cloud operating model, enabling remote production and distributed post-production workflows,” said Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra Logic’s senior vice president for business development and strategic alliances. “Spectra’s own transformation, with its new portfolio that includes Spectra Vail, Spectra StorCycle® software, and the Spectra BlackPearl® platform, coupled with the depth and expertise that ALT Systems offers in this industry, allows us to jointly address the needs of our mutual clients.”

According to ALT Systems Chief Technology Officer Sig Knapstad, “The introduction of Vail is a pivotal part of Spectra’s new Attack Hardened™ data management and storage ecosystem. Coupled with ALT Systems’ innovative Altitude media migration platform and ALT Systems’ expert media systems integration services, ALT Systems is the go-to source for efficient, secure, and reliable content management solutions from Hollywood to Silicon Valley… and beyond.”

Vail is compatible with Spectra’s BlackPearl multi-purpose hybrid storage platform, StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management software, and Spectra’s line of automated tape library solutions. Vail’s unique software architecture provides:

  • A single name space for objects in multiple locations, clouds and varying types of storage
  • Multi-directional data synchronization across cloud(s) and on premises storage
  • Server-less cloud-based management and policy engine to manage data across multiple clouds and on-premises sites with full consistency
  • The ability to migrate to the cloud or move between clouds to use the best services of particular clouds without cloud vendor lock-in
  • Egress optimization for lowest cost and fastest data accessibility independent of data’s physical location
  • A secure, central repository for long-term data preservation and disaster recovery
  • On-premises glacier* storage using automated tape libraries

The entire Spectra Logic product line is available through ALT Systems by contacting or by calling (818) 504-6800.

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About ALT Systems

ALT Systems ( is a national media systems integrator and workflow solutions provider, offering superior compositing, rendering, editing, color correction, digital  intermediate, 2D/3D, restoration, large format film recording, and SAN and NAS networking and storage options to the post production and visual effects industry.

About Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic ( develops a full range of Attack-Hardened™ data management and data storage solutions for a multi-cloud world. Dedicated solely to data storage innovation for more than 40 years, Spectra Logic helps organizations modernize their IT infrastructures and protect and preserve their data with a broad portfolio of solutions that enable them to manage, migrate, store, and preserve business data long-term, along with features to make them ransomware resilient, whether on-premises, in a single cloud, across multiple clouds, or in all locations at once.

*Amazon Glacier® is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.