Introducing: Seagate Lyve™ Mobile

ALT Systems Brings Mass-Capacity Data Storage and Transfer Solutions to Content Creators Through Collaboration with Seagate

Burbank, CA (November 12, 2021) – ALT Systems, a full-service media systems integrator and workflow solution provider, today announced it has collaborated with Seagate® Technology (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in mass-data storage infrastructure solutions, to provide mass-capacity mobile storage and data transfer services for production companies with Seagate’s Lyve™ Mobile solution.

Enabling content creators to manage data workflows, Seagate’s Lyve Mobile is a high-capacity storage and data transfer solution that allows companies to aggregate, store, move, and activate their data efficiently and securely. The vendor agnostic, integrated solution eliminates network dependencies so customers can transfer mass-capacity data sets quickly. Users can consolidate data in any environment and move data to the cloud on their own terms while paying only for what they need.

Lyve Mobile can meet data capture, archive, copy, and access needs for on-set or on location production and post-production projects with more capacity and less transfer time. Avoiding expensive delays and quickly preparing the data for ingestion to the production workflow so it can be used by the post-production team is a key advantage of Lyve Mobile and crucial benefit for the media and entertainment industry.

“Seagate’s Lyve Mobile was built to meet the diverse needs of the digital workflow,” said Kristy DeMarco, Seagate’s Director for Lyve Mobile Solutions. “Collaborating with ALT Systems, the leading integrated solutions provider for content creators, offers a unique combination of expertise, service, and support to deliver flexible mass-capacity mobile data storage and transfer solutions to the media and entertainment industry.”

“Today’s production houses and the data-intensive technologies they use are creating massive amounts of storage between set and post-production, said ALT Systems Chief Executive Officer Jon Guess. Remote teams are sometimes scattered and sending mass data sets over the network isn’t the best option. Seagate’s Lyve Mobile solutions help companies realize the full potential of their data workflows while keeping costs in check.”

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