Learn More About Dolby Atmos® Production Suite

Learn More about Dolby Atmos Production Suite and hear for yourself how you can use the powerful, affordable tools that let you produce immersive Dolby Atmos® mixes in Pro Tools.


Cutting Edge can arrange a hands-on demonstration of the Dolby Atmos renderer, Dolby Atmos Panner Plug-in, and Dolby Atmos VR Spherical Panner Plug-in. With Atmos Production Suite, edit and premix content for a larger Dolby Atmos session—and do it all on the go with just a laptop and headphones.

These tools give sound editors, mixers, designers, and VR content creators working in Pro Tools a complete solution for creating immersive Dolby Atmos experiences.

Dolby Atmos Production Suite Features:

• Allows monitoring of content on your Mac without the need for additional hardware
• Provides editorial and premix functionality for film and TV content, along with a complete end-to-end workflow for VR content
• Enables playback and QC of any Dolby Atmos master file type, greatly simplifying QC workflows for high-value content


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