Introducing Avid Nexis Edge

Introducing Avid NEXIS | EDGE – Work Anywhere with Anyone

With the Avid NEXIS | EDGE web client, team members can find, organize, storyboard, edit, and review content at the facility, at home, or on location, extending the limits of what’s possible.

  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE – Edit remotely leveraging the known and trusted resources of your facility and get the same experience as editing in-house. Change location without changing your workflow—even when disconnected from the Internet. And browse, search, organize, log, share, play, edit, and review content using just a web browser, expanding collaboration to your extended team.
  • WORK WITH ANYONE – Expand your distributed workforce worldwide to bring in the talent you want, no matter where they live or how they prefer to work. As projects ramp up or down, you can scale your team quickly and easily as needed, without constraint or physical boundaries.
  • CREATE WITH THE TOOLS YOU LOVE – Nothing new to learn. Avid NEXIS | EDGE works with Media Composer®, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid NEXIS shared storage, so you can stay focused and in your creative groove. Share bins and projects and collaborate with the comfort and familiarity you’re accustomed to—regardless of location—to complete projects faster together.
  • UNCOMPLICATE YOUR WORKFLOW – With its cutting-edge zero-relink workflow, you can quickly switch from working on proxy to high-res media—or vice-versa—with a simple selection. Move from editing to finishing and review with less stress. And go from working at the facility to working at home without the headaches.
  • STREAMLINE PROJECT PREP AND REVIEW – With the web client, assistant editors can organize projects, create bins and sequences, and group media quickly to support the editing team. Assets can also be logged faster and more consistently as new footage comes in, enabling better search results. And showrunners, producers, and marketing execs can collaborate with editors and review content from anywhere.
  • OPTIMIZE SPEND WITH A SUBSCRIPTION – Avid NEXIS | EDGE and Media Composer | Distributed Processing are included with Media Composer | Enterprise subscriptions at no additional charge, providing the greatest cost efficiency. Or add an Avid NEXIS | EDGE subscription to an existing Premiere Pro production environment (with
    Avid NEXIS) to enable Adobe editors to collaborate from anywhere. And connect the rest of your team by adding subscriptions for the web client.
Supported Media Tools & Shared Storage

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