Genelec’s The Ones on Display at Exclusive 25th Street Recording Event

Cutting Edge and Genelec, the leader in active monitoring technology for nearly 40 years, thank everyone who attended tonight’s exclusive Listening Showcase to hear The OnesTM: 8351, 8341, & 8331. Even a rain storm didn’t dampen spirits!

It was great to see old friends, and to make so many new ones!  Our colleagues at 25th Street Recording in Oakland opened their doors as the local AES chapter and invited guests got an exclusive opportunity to listen to The Ones – Genelec’s revolutionary three-way ultimate point source reference monitors.  The Ones combine Acoustically Concealed Woofers (ACW) and a number innovations to deliver an unparalleled sound image.

Attendees heard how Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology can auto-calibrate The Ones to any size and shape room.  These amazing monitors can be used to create smart networks of up to 40 devices and subwoofers per network, with instantly-recalled configurations from traditional stereo to immersive audio.  The 8331 stands just under 12” tall and offers three-way precision in a portable nearfield package.  The 8341 provides more bass extension and offers the perfect blend of size and performance.  The 8351 is the flagship of the range, and has already redefined nearfield studio monitoring.

Special thanks to Dave Lichtenstein and his team at 25th Street Studio for hosting this terrific event.  And kudos to Genelec’s Steffenee Copley for sponsoring the evening.

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