Facilis Technology Unveils Version 7.0 at Cutting Edge Focus On The Future: 4K And Beyond Event

— Facilis Technology Unveils Version 7.0 with New High Performance Hardware, Web Console Interface, and more at Cutting Edge Focus On The Future: 4K And Beyond Event —

With ever increasing media file sizes, and HDR and VR workflows continually putting pressure on facility infrastructure, the newest storage products from Facilis are aimed at future-proofing their customers’ current storage and offering the most powerful new systems available.

Event attendees will be the first to hear about new Facilis hardware that has the capability to double or triple the bandwidth of existing TerraBlock networks. Through drive set aggregation and offloading of some server processes, these new configurations boost Facilis into a new category of performance. Customers will also benefit from enhanced system redundancy and data resiliency, all while receiving near-linear scalability of bandwidth when expanding the network.

“We knew we needed a hardware change to achieve greater performance, but we didn’t want to obsolete existing TerraBlock customers. We chose to think outside the box and add a new component to the configuration.” said James McKenna, VP at Facilis Technology.

Facilis is also developing tools that increase the efficiency of administrative tasks, and improve the end-user experience. A modernized browser-based and mobile-compatible interface delivers enhanced functionality and removes obstacles to creativity. Facilis customers will enjoy dynamic bandwidth monitoring and server performance reporting in a unified system dashboard. Easy client setup, upgraded remote volume management and a more integrated user database are among the additional improvements.

“We have never announced such a leap in performance and functionality with a single release,” said McKenna, “Using our new technology and version 7.0, existing customers will be able to substantially increase the effective bandwidth of their systems, and improve administrative and user experiences at the same time.”

The new Facilis hardware components will be officially announced soon, and shipping by NAB 2017.