Cutting Edge, Dolby, and Avid Team Up for Exclusive Atmos Event

More than 150 people experienced the state of the art in immersive audio sound design and mixing at the Dolby Cinema at 1275 in San Francisco, as Cutting Edge and Avid teamed up to demonstrate native Dolby Atmos® on Avid Pro Tools | S6.


Cutting Edge CTO Sig Knapstad strokes a pose prior to beginning the Dolby Atmos demonstration.

The event, held July 11th, was co-sponsored by Cutting Edge, Dolby Laboratories, and Avid.  Special guest, renowned Hollywood Sound Designer Harry Cohen, demonstrated techniques he used crafting immersive audio for the film Deepwater Horizon.

Using Pro Tools to mix audio in 3 dimensions, Cohen tailored an amazing audio experience equal to the film’s breathtaking CGI sequences.  Since much of the movie’s action sequences included CGI, Cohen created the sounds of explosions, twisting metal, and impacts from scratch. Among Cohen’s revelations: he blended animal sounds with explosive undertones to represent the fury of the firestorm that engulfed the Deepwater Horizon oil rig when it exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.

Avid’s Jeff Komar and Ozzie Sutherland provided a hands-on demonstration of how Avid Pro Tools | S6 was used to mix sampled sounds, dialog, and music with 360 degree precision for the film’s riveting storyline. The demonstration was made even more impressive by the state-of-the-art capabilities of the Dolby Cinema at 1275.  Attendees heard for themselves how subtle manipulations in X, Y and Z-axis sound metadata made a huge difference in the sound design’s ultimate effect.

Today’s moviegoers have high expectations, demanding more bang (literally) for their buck. As Cohen and the Avid team explained, that’s why Dolby Atmos is getting so much attention for cinema and home theater mixing.

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Some photos from the evening at the Dolby Cinema at 1275 Market in San Francisco:

Attendees soak up the ambiance at the Dolby Cinema at 1275 in San Francisco.

Award-winning Sound Designer Harry Cohen relates his experiences mixing in Dolby Atmos using Avid Pro Tools | S6.