ALT Systems Partners with Seagate to Offer RAID Systems Built for Media

Now, everyone in your organization can seamlessly create and manage content for diverse digital media pipelines with affordable and scalable data management platforms from Seagate and ALT Systems.

ALT Systems’ exciting partnership with Seagate means we’re able to offer cutting edge flash, HDD, and hybrid RAID storage for your SAN, as well as software-defined and private cloud solutions – all with unparalleled value for your storage dollar.

Let us show you how to:

  • Meet High-Performance Demands – Bring faster data transfers, better streaming performance, and best-in-class value to your digital media workflow.
  • Reliably Support Media Workflows – Focus on creating and delivering captivating content with the sustained performance of our enterprise-grade storage.
  • Build Flexibly, Scale Effortlessly – Easily scale out petabytes of storage to meet evolving media and entertainment storage needs.
  • Avoid Vendor “Lock-In” – Ensure effective data flow, management, and flexibility for your infrastructure using our vendor-agnostic platforms.

To learn more, visit our Seagate Private Cloud Solutions page.

About our Seagate Partnership

Hear more about our exciting partnership with Seagate from ALT Systems Chief Technology Officer Sig Knapstad and Seagate’s Mark Anderson.

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